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Bodysculpt Fitness is dedicated to delivering the best results as fast as possible using the most current scientific data to design a simplistic, comprehensive, results-focused program to fit each individuals needs, limitations and lifestyles.


We take pride in our understanding of the human body and we work diligently to expand our knowledge base to provide the best service to our clientele. We specialize in body mechanics (how your body works) and we have over a decade of experience in dropping body fat, improving strength, adding lean mass, relieving/eliminating joint pain and improving overall performance.

Bodysculpt Fitness was founded in 2013 by Brian McCabe and Wayshalee Patel. The goal was to provide a 1-stop shop for people to reach optimal results using a holistic approach to health & fitness. Our training system revolves around the Poliquin Principles and focuses on range of motion, muscle activation, muscle timing and the appropriate rest & load parameters, for each exercise and training phase. Our nutrition program is designed to improve your insulin sensitivity (bodies ability to utilize carbs), teach your body how to handle carbohydrates without storing as body fat...and the what, why and how when increasing or decreasing calories. 

Let us help you become the best version of yourself!!

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Brian McCabe
Owner / Founder
N.A.S.M. / P.I.C.P. Level 2 
Strength Coach / Prep Coach / Pro Natural Bodybuilding Competitor

Brian has a deep passion for helping people progress and achieve their goals. He grew up in the weight room and has been studying it for the last 30 years.


His health and fitness career began in 2006 with a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). From 2007 til now he has extensively studied and utilized the theories and techniques from the C.H.E.K. Training System (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) and the Poliquin Strength Training System. 


Brian specializes in body fat reduction, eliminating pain, improving joint health and stability, anatomical movement and improving athletic performance. He has had great success in identifying and eliminating hip, shoulder and knee pain when surgery was a possible course of action. Brian has also been successfully rehabilitating people after surgeries for the last two decades.


Brian founded Bodysculpt Fitness and won his Professional status in Natural Bodybuilding in 2013 with the intention to help as many people as possible using superior information and proven strategies to get the best results as possible.  

Austin McCabe

Training Director
trength Coach

Group Class Instructor

Austin joined the family business of Bodysculpt in 2017 and became the Training Director in 2023. He found his passion for the industry while preparing for his first bodybuilding competition at 17 years old. He knew right then that he wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness.

Austin now has a few years of experience with competition preps and landed a top 3 placing in 2019. He has been fortunate to actually "feel" the experience firsthand how we're able to take control of a body with the proper diet, training and supplements.


While he is progressing his own physique, Austin is learning and applying the Poliquin Strength Training System. He has honed in his personal training skills and has been successfull in helping his clients improve strength and body composition. He is working to further his education in flexibility, strength and conditioning for various types of clientele.

Sue Clark

Strength Coach
Pro Masters Physique Competitor
Luke Funk

Strength Coach
Sue has been relentlessly committed to health and fitness her entire adult life.  Growing up, she was  always very active, studying dance and competing in gymnastics.  After graduating from college, she joined a gym for the first time and was quickly hooked, starting out taking group classes and doing circuit training .  Eventually she became increasingly interested in strength training and learned the fundamentals from a trainer at her local gym – she immediately started to see and feel results.  


In those initial few years, she completely changed her body composition, morphing from a thin frame to a lean, athletic build with noticeable muscle definition.  More importantly, her functional strength and  fitness levels just kept increasing, prompting an insatiable desire to learn different training protocols to expand her repertoire and knowledge base.   
Eventually this pursuit led Sue to the best in the business- Strength Coach Brian McCabe, who taught her the Poliquin Principles of strength training – the gold standard of the industry, and a whole new transformation took place:  truly understanding and applying  the mechanics of effective training, programming and nutrition unlocked the very best physique she has attained after decades of serious training.   
In fact, after being urged to compete in figure competitions for years and never seriously considering it, she stepped on stage for the first time at the 2014 Illinois State Naturals and placed 3rd in the Open Figure category.  Subsequently she has placed in the top 3 in two additional  competitions and won her Pro-Masters Physique Status in 2016, she looks forward to future opportunities to compete with Team Bodysculpt. 
Her primary interest is her role as a Strength Coach for Bodysculpt Fitness – helping others gain strength, improve their overall health and wellness, and achieve their goals.  Fitness has always been a passion for Sue, and a catalyst for  her to be at her very best throughout every aspect of her life – she is eager to help others accomplish the same experience!
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