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"I came to Brian in search of results. Best decision ever! He quickly did a thorough assessment and laid out a customized plan for success. We got started and I will never be the same (thankfully). He’s a stickler on technique and can get your body to properly perform by using his "tricks" which has kept me injury free. Brian’s vision, infectious energy and expertise pushes me beyond the limitations I thought I had. We’ve made so much progress and have the dramatic pictures to prove it.  Brian is simply the best!!"


                                                                                -Margaret Pfab, VP, Analytics Operations

"While I have been a fitness fanatic for years, I've never met a personal trainer as knowledgeable and motivating as Brian McCabe. He simply inspires me to work my very hardest and attain new goals at every session, and the results are nothing short of amazing! He developed a totally customized, comprehensive program for me and helps me track my progress every week, and I truly do see material improvements on a weekly basis.  Working with Brian is an amazing, life changing experience!"


                                                                                                               -Sue Clark,  Regional Sales Director 

"I came to Brian to help me tighten and tone my body in preparation for my 10 year High School Reunion. I spent a month training with him and saw results immediately. Brian gave me guidance on my workout and also on nutrition and mental focus. His knowledge, energy and encouragement are endless and I am forever grateful for the training that I received from him. While I went to Brian for an improved body, I came away with much more than that."


                                                                                                          -Amy Chan,  VP, Business Development 

"I know this is going to sound like a cheesy infomercial, but meeting Brian literally changed my life! I have always been an active person and a gym junkie, I would hit the weights, take class after class and always be on the treadmills at least 5 days a week. However, I never got the results I wanted until I started working with Brian. He and I have been training consistently for over 7 years and I have never been stronger, leaner, or felt better than I do right now. I had postural issues in the beginning and Brian helped me to correct them so I could push myself to a whole new level of physical fitness that I did not even know I was capable of reaching. His energy is contagious and he is such a genuine, great guy. I have trained with other trainers before him and none of them motivated or inspired me the way that Brian does. Brian defines what a strength coach should be and is so much more than just a trainer. Every rep that you do and every step that you take toward your fitness goals, he is right there with you. I cannot picture my workouts without him and often tell him we will train together until we can no longer lift a weight because that is how much I love working with him! Start working with him and he will change your life too. "


                                                                                                 -Jessica Eng, Group Media Planning Supervisor

"​I've worked with a few trainers in the past and none of them are as dedicated or as knowledgable as Brian. I find myself extremely motivated and focused when working with him. The gains I have made are due to his diligent training/ nutrition regimen. Brian truly has a gift I would recommend him to anyone."

                                                                                                        -Marco Leon, Police Officer, Chicago P.D.

​"Knowledge, Integrity and Passion are the principles I value in a trainer, and I am lucky enough to work with Brian who embodies all of these.  He's capable of pushing you past your mental limits to get you the results you have always desired.  I can honestly attest that Brian will change your body and life forever with his constant encouragement and genuine belief in you."


                                                                                                             -Lyndsay Canada, Marketing Manager

"This was a huge motivation to see that other people were being inspired. After a year of struggling to get in the gym consistently, eat right, get my mind in the right place and never stop, I was lucky enough that Brian McCabe found me when he did and encouraged me to just stop in and chat with him about my fitness goals. He knew that I had planned to compete and even though I didn't think I was ready for the change, I went to meet him again. It only took that small chat to get me in for an assessment and I instantly knew that this was THE TRAINER for me and was excited to learn he had just started his own fitness company.
I have always been active and considered myself someone who liked to live healthy but couldn't quite motivate myself or keep the discipline. Brian was able to work magic in the gym and kept me so motivated that I went for 10 weeks straight, 5 days a week and never stopped. I was extremely skeptical of competing in the INBA Show so soon but realized that it may be my last opportunity to see what it was about before the off season hit. There was no way I wanted to try to go all winter telling myself I would compete in the spring. It wasn't even until the last 4 weeks before the show that I finally committed to the INBA and said yes, I would be on stage to join the figure class.
It was THE BEST DECISION I have made all year and definitely a stand out in my life! Thank you Brian for the incredible dedication you put into my training and for changing my life!!!"


                                                                                                              -Bethaney Minkner, Bikini Competitor

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